If you are thinking about going for a vacation and you are yet to settle on a destination think no further. Vietnam is one of the best places you can visit. Here are some of the reasons why a Vietnam vacation or Halong Bay Cruise might just be the best thing for you.

Hospitable People
A vacation is only fun if you get to enjoy the environment and the people too. The Vietnamese people are some of the happiest and hospitable folks you can find. You will always see them welcome those who are new to Vietnam and they hardly discriminate or talk ill of others. In fact, they are so friendly you will make friends quickly and easily such that when it comes time to go back home, you might dread having to travel away.

Great Coffee
If you are a lover of coffee, this is just the place for you. In Vietnam, you will find coffee being served on every street. In fact, you can have iced coffee too. The taste is magnificent, and when you get back home, you will miss the unique taste.

Immigration is fast and Easy
Unlike other countries that have stressful immigration processes, Vietnam is rather easy. Here you can even apply for your visa online get the letter, and you can get a visa granted once you arrive in Vietnam, which is quite cool.

Pleasant Travel Experience
When you decide to take a vacation and go to Vietnam, you can be sure that you will experience a fantastic time. It has different varieties of activities that you may consider interesting and worth the trip. There are so many things to discover in Vietnam. You can choose to visit different sceneries in the area, you can opt for surfing with some of the local children who enjoy the sport, and if you are a lover of different culture, you can get an opportunity to stay with one of the Vietnamese families in the area. The best thing about this place is the way the embrace everything about their culture. You can learn a lot from the locals.

Home of Good Food
Traveling is all about experiencing new things. When you decide on a Vietnam vacation, you should look forward to enjoying the different cuisines in the area. There are so many types of cuisines you can try in Vietnam. You will come across different restaurants that cook some of the best food in Vietnam. Additionally, if you are a lover of street food, there are different places you can take a few bites of some of their famous street food prepared the in their unique way.

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